Q. How do I care for my painting once I receive it?
A. If you feel the need to clean the painting, all it needs it a wipe down to remove dust occasionally using something like a Windex Wipe or a lightly damp washcloth with water. We suggest not spraying the painting with anything directly as it could potentially damage the paper it has been painted on.
Q. Are there any suggestions for framing the painting?
A. We suggest using a frame without glass in it due to the fact that the painting is glossy and when the sun light hits the glass it creates a double glare off the painting and glass preventing the painting from looking its best.
Q. How long do the paintings last for?
A. The paintings last for as long as they are cared for properly. As long as the painting does not come in contact with anything sharp nor large amounts of water at a given time, the painting will last forever.
Q. What kind of paint is the painting painted with?
A. The paintings are made with gloss based enamel spray paint.
Q. Where did the artist learn this art medium?
A. The artist is completely self taught with all the mediums he paints with.
Q. Does the artist perform for private bookings such as birthday parties?
A. Yes, during the off season the artist always enjoys performing for private or public parties. Please contact us at for more details.
Q. Does the artist teach people how to paint with this medium?
A. The artist has taught several people over the years to paint with Spray paint as a medium, but he can teach the basics, but the creativity is left up to the student.
Q. Can the artist paint my car, surf board, skate board, or bedroom wall?
A. Yes, The artist can paint on any surface that is relatively smooth to the touch.
Q. Can the artist paint me a custom painting?
A. The specialty of the artist is landscapes, sci fi, and abstract, but he is always looking for new frontiers to paint. Please contact us at with your concept for pricing and further details.
Q. What and how does the artist clean his hands?
A. The artist normally uses Brillow/SOS pads to clean his hands off with.
Q. How do I go about getting a painting?
A. Click on the Shop Online button on the left and select a type of painting you are looking for.
Q. What do I do if my painting is damaged when I receive it?
A. If your painting is unfortunately damaged upon receiving it, follow these next important steps. 1. Take pictures of both the packaging that is damaged and the container it was shipped in. 2. Send the pictures to with your information and pictures. We will send you our address if it is needed again. 3. Ship the painting back to us in the original packaging and send us an e-mailed picture with the receipt from the post office. Once we receive the painting and the e-mail, we will send you out a new painting and reimbursement for the postage paid. 4. We will then send you a confirmation from saying that we sent it to you.
Q. I received an e-mail saying my painting has been shipped.
A. These e-mails are generated through our website for the original painting only, not damaged paintings. ***Please see reference about a damaged painting received***