Welcome to the home of Stellar Paintings and I hope you have enjoyed what you have seen. As for myself, my name is Mark Chase. I am a loving father of three beautiful girls and was married in March of 2002 to my wife, Jenny. I was born and raised just outside Baltimore City, Maryland and have currently relocated my family to the eastern shore because of my current summertime location on the boardwalk of Ocean City.

I am an avid artist and enjoy what I do and whom I perform for. About ten years ago, I stumbled upon this art medium while on vacation and knew instantly it was for me. I loved the versatility that the spray paint has to offer in color variances and the quick dry time that pushes me to work very quickly but accurately. Each of my paintings, depending on the amount of detail and size, can be made in less than fifteen minutes and each and every one is unique, which means I can make a similar painting but never an exact copy of the original.

I am currently located in Ocean City, Maryland on the boardwalk as a street performer but still actively looking for a more permanent location to perform at year round. When I am not performing down in Ocean City, I am either attending various craft shows or fairs throughout the state of Maryland and surrounding areas or spending time with my friends and family.